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Things To Know When Shipping To Cuba

Holidays info

Public holidays are also considered as non-working days. Please refer to the country's official Public Holiday page for specific holiday dates.

Non Working Days info

Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. You may experience delays for your shipments on these days.

Couriers Info

The courier may apply a surcharge when delivering to less populated areas due to the higher operational costs involved.

The Tax Free Threshold Is 0 USD

In Cuba if the full value of your items is over 0 USD, the import tax on a shipment will be 0%. An example to clarify how this works, if the declared value of your items is 100 CUP, in order for the recipient to receive a package, an additional amount of additionalAmount CUP in taxes will be required to be paid to the destination countries government.

Cuba Import Tax & Custom Fees

The Cuba tax & duty threshold is the amount at which a person begins paying taxes based on the declared value of an item.
Cuba calculated using the FOB method, which means the import duty and taxes are calculated based on the value of the imported goods as well as shipping costs.

Duties & Tax Details for Cuba

Currency: Peso (CUP)

Customs Calculation Method: FOB

Country Tax: 0%

Duty Threshold: 0 USD

Under the duty threshold the shipments are exempt of paying duties

Tax Threshold: 0 USD

Under the tax threshold the shipments are exempt of paying taxes

Import Duty Product Categories

Phone Accessory (no battery)30%
Audio Video30%
Books & Collectibles30%
Pet Accessory30%
Mobile Phones30%
Computers & Laptops30%
Phone Accessory (with battery)30%
Health & Beauty30%
Home Appliances30%
Home Decor30%
Bags & Luggages30%
Sport & Leisure30%
Dry Food & Supplements30%
We try our best to keep this information up to date and accurate, but this information is liable to change at any time without your knowledge

Aduanas de Cuba: Restricciones de envío y artículos prohibidos

Customs regulations are diferent per country and is usually one of the steps that you may be get confused at. No problem, we made this easy for you. Before shipping to any country you may check if the items are legal or not at al, WeShipYou have made a list for items regulatios in Cuba. Check bellow.

Prohibited Items

Fresh Food

Cuba Customs General Information

Cuba Customs Categories

Categories customs cost and limitation for Cuba, you can send up to 500 points per shipment, so then the sum of the items you are shipping can not sum more than 500 points

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